Our Tracks

There are 9 major tracks from which to choose. Of course you could mix ‘n match too!

Data Visualization

Discover, model and visualize interesting relationships among attributes of any dataset of your choice.

Audio Processing

Analyze audio recordings to find your favorite tunes among static noise. Mayhap you can build.

Chat Bot

Build your own intelligent chat bot that answers routine queries.Let your bot do the mundane work, while humans do the heavy lifting.

Predictive Analytics

Build a bigger and better Deep Blue! Beat all human comers at games: be it board or otherwise.

Algorithmic Madness

Train your best classifier on a given dataset. Come up with your own ensemble algorithms.


It's completely open. Hack away at whatever strikes your fancy. Use any APIs you are comfortable with. Build ANYTHING you want.

Recommender Systems

Build the best recommender system be it for movies, books or even job listings.You can do it yourself.

Image Processing

Build a cool visual search engine. Or try your hand at filtering out objectionable images and the like.

Text mining

Social media can reveal more about us than we know. One can even figure out the content on one’s character by analyzing their Twitter feed.

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